About Us

Community Unemployed Help Centre is a community-based nonprofit agency that provides information, assistance, advice, and representation to individuals dealing with the federal government’s Employment Insurance program and Manitoba’s Employment and Income Assistance program. Through its public-education work the Centre informs Manitobans of their rights and obligations in relation to these programs.

All the Centre’s services are provided free of charge.

Our goal is to help our clients receive the benefits that they deserve in a quick and efficient manner. Staff members assist clients in determining which agencies they should be dealing with and make the appropriate referrals. They help individuals organize and focus their issues, allowing them to access and navigate the system effectively, and, wherever possible, resolve conflicts at an early and informal stage.

The Centre’s staff members also provide representation to individuals who are making formal appeals to decisions affecting both their Employment Insurance and Employment and Income Assistance claims. The Centre’s decision to provide such representation is based on merit and is made on a case-by-case basis. Providing representation generally involves researching the case, applying case law and government policy, and either representing or preparing the client for the appeal. The provision of additional evidence and information often plays a significant role in determining the outcome of an appeal.