March, April & May 2020

Neil Cohen and Labour Studies student Fareedah Sulaiman-Olokodana spoke at University of Manitoba Labour Studies meet-and-greet.

CUHC Advocate Doug Simpson guested on CJOB to take callers questions regarding the Canadian Emergency Response Benefit (CERB) and Employment Insurance.

Doug Simpson also provided a webinar on CERB to MFL Occupational Health Centre‘s diversity training committee.

January & February 2020

Neil Cohen spoke to delegates at Winnipeg Labour Council’s monthly meeting.

Neil also spoke to University of Manitoba Law Students Access to Justice class.

October & November 2019

Our Executive Director Neil Cohen will be attending meetings in Ottawa and Gatineau the week of December 2, first as a member of the Canadian Labour Congress Employment Insurance Committee, and the annual EI Commissioners for Workers forum where representatives of unions and EI help centres meet with the Minister responsible for Employment and Social Development Canada and senior EI program and policy staff to discuss a broad range of EI issues.

Sandra – CUHC Advocate provided a presentation on Employment Insurance to Transcona Roofing.

September 2019

Executive Director Neil Cohen attended the formal presentation of the Sacred Eagle Feather ceremony at the Law Courts on September 26rd, 2019.

CUHC participated in Sara Riel’s 7th Annual Mental Health Networking and Resource Expo on September 27th, with more than 58 vendors and several hundred attendees. It was held at the Legacy Centre at the Louis Riel School Division office.

August 2019

Sandra visited Dakota Ojibway Child & Family Services and provided information on EIA.


March & April 2019

CUHC participated in Law Day. In April of each year, the anniversary of Parliament’s passing of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedom is commemorated through the celebration of Law Day. This year marked the 35th Law Day and the 27th Law Day Open House.


Advocates Sandra, Erin, and Doug provided presentations on EI and EIA to UFCW, Elwich Resource Centre, and Ka Ni Kanichihk.


Neil Cohen spoke with students of the Access of Justice class at the University of Manitoba.


Thank you to all who joined us at our 2019 Annual General Meeting.

Guest speaker: Lynda Troup, attorney with Thompson Dorfman Sweatman, and Chair of the Law Society of Manitoba Special Committee on the Delivery of Legal Services discussed Should Law Societies give up their Monopoly over Legal Services?

November 2018

CUHC was invited by the Manitoba Federation of Labour to have an information booth at their Annual Health and Safety Conference.

CUHC Executive Director attended the annual EI Commission for Workers Forum in Gatineau, Quebec.

October 2018

CUHC had an information booth at Headingly Correction Centre’s Resource Fair where Sandra provided info about CUHC and EIA/EI.


September & November 2018

Sandra has been busy with presentations! Sandra provided general information about EI and EIA to a group of 40 at Success Skills Centre.


August 2018

Sandra (CUHC Advocate) visited Adult Learning on Lombard to provide students with tips and an overview of EIA.


June & July 2018

Sandra Guevara-Holguin and Neil Cohen spoke to Inner City Social Work students about the current EIA and EI challenges.

Portage la Prairie – Migrant Agriculture Workers Information Fair. Sandra provided information in Spanish regarding EI Special Benefits.


To learn more about the program, click here.


May 2018

Neil Cohen addressed over 500 delegates at this year’s MFL Convention. CUHC also had an information table to provide useful material to attendees.


CUHC Executive Director Neil Cohen was a panelist at the Accessing Justice Conference held May 9-11, 2018 at the University of Winnipeg.


Neil was also a panelist in a mock appeal at this year’s MCAT Conference May 7, 2018.


April 2018

CUHC  joined many at the Day of Mourning Walk and attended the memorial service and special groundbreaking ceremony for the new Workers’ Memorial Park.



Law Day Winnipeg

Above: Amy McGowan (Intake & Administrative Assistant), Anastasiia Delikatna (U of M Labour Studies Student), and Melissa Shurvell (Advocate) participated in Sunday’s Law Day.


Neil Cohen attended the annual forum in Ottawa April 17-18, 2018 representing the Law Society of Manitoba.

March 2018

Thank you to all who joined us at our 2018 Annual General Meeting.

Thank you to MFL President Kevin Rebeck and Winnipeg Labour Council President Basia Sokal committee co-chairs of the 100th Anniversary Winnipeg General Strike who outlined the plans for next year’s historic event.

MFL President Kevin Rebeck and Winnipeg Labour Council President Basia Sokal


Social Work Week

CUHC participated in Social Work Week and joined many other agencies at the HSC Community Partners Fair.

November 2017

Neil Cohen spoke at the Manitoba Federation of Labour Executive Council meeting.


CUHC Executive Director Neil Cohen was a panelist at the 35th anniversary of the Public Interest Law Centre of Legal Aid Manitoba on November 25, 2017.


MFL Heath & Safety Conference – CUHC’s informational booth was set up to provide EI information to attendees.


CUHC Executive Director Neil Cohen spoke to the Insurance Law Class at Robson Hall/Faculty of Law at the University of Manitoba.


CUHC Advocate Erin visited the Winnipeg Adult Education Centre (AEC) and presented information on EIA.


CUHC advocate Doug Simpson visited the Success Skills Centre to provide information about Employment Insurance, specifically eligibility requirements.


CUHC Advocate Sandra G.H. attended a meeting at the CLC’s offices in Ottawa to discuss EI issues with members of the CLC E.I. committee.