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Canada Employment Insurance Commission announces 2020 EI Premium Rate and Maximum Insurable Earnings

GATINEAU, QC, Sept. 13, 2019 /CNW/ – The Canada Employment Insurance Commission (CEIC) today announced that the 2020 Employment Insurance (EI) premium rate will be $1.58 per $100 of insurable earnings – a decrease of 4 cents for employees compared to the 2019 rate, and a decrease of 6 cents to $2.21 for employers who pay 1.4 times the employee rate. Read more of the article here.
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Alternative dispute resolution at the Appeal Division

The SST is offering another way to resolve cases at the Appeal Division: Alternative Resolution. This involves a conversation where parties look for ways to resolve their appeal informally over the phone, with the help of an Appeal Division member. Read the article here.
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